Ashwathama Alive ??????

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If you belive on hinduisam and krishna you must belive on Mahabharat.. according mahabharat ashwatham could not die..
so what do you think about Ashwathama is he alive...
some where i read long before.. in desert of Rajasthan Army saw many times.. the old old person walking far in Desert according mahabharat krishna took off his mani from head so as he will always alive on earth and bleeding on his head..... it was his punishment of using Bhramastra ... so is he alive on earth and some where in desert of Rajasthan...what do you think

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  • Aside from Ashwathama,Parashurama, Vidura, Krpa and Hanuman are some other luminaries said to be still alive.... have there been any known sightings of these beings?
    • Markandeya Rishi is another "immortal" blessed by Lord Shiva with an incredibly long life due to his being such an elevated devotee of the Supreme Lord. According to Srimad Bhagavatam, Markandeya Rishi is considered the spiritual master of all Puranas.
      • i heard that markendya rishi photo as been clicked by a foreigner while trekking the forest
        a tiger seems to be sitting behind the rishi as he is deeply immersed in meditation
        the photo as been framed and put here in mumbai anyone got copy of that photo?
  • Ashwatthama doesn't stay at one place for longer time, these are the words which I heard from many tribal people who lives in the villages of Khandwa district,MP. Many of them describes the various paths which leads to this ancient man. Many of them have seen a man who introduced himself as Ashwatthama and asked these people to provide oil to apply it on his wound.Many of these tribal people clearly have seen his wounded forehead.There is a Aseergarh fort in MP which is close to Khandwa, it is said that every morning at 3:45 am he visits the fort to offer prayer in the Shankar temple.
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    I have a question why didnt krishna stop aswathama from doing the killing of sons of pandavas...He saved many lives...Even Asuras did not get the kind of punishment that aswathama got why such a big punishment for suffering for a period of whole day of brahma..Even kamsa killed children he did not get this kind of punishment..That too Aswathama was a brahmin....he didn't even marry.......Pandavas could have just killed him..It is always the bramins who are made to look like villans..I simply dont understand??????